Anchorage Snow plowing and sweeping
Don’t hassle with multiple companies. Arctic Green can provide lawn maintenance in summer, then transition to snow plowing and sweeping in winter.

Snow Removal, Snow Plowing & Ice Mitigation

THROUGHOUT THE GREATER Anchorage, Eagle River, and Chugiak area.
After a storm, don’t let snow put a damper on your plans for the day. Arctic Green LLC., located in Anchorage, AK offers all kinds of snow removal services in areas, including Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugiak areas.

We Provide:

  • Snow Plowing and Sweeping
  • Snow Stacking onsite
  • Hauling Snow offsite
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Ice Melt
  • Sanding
  • Some Roof Clearing
  • Ice mitigation

We Service:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Condo Associations

Our team of seven snow plows will clear off driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. We will also relocate the snow which has built up on your property, if necessary, to keep your business running smoothly. Contact Arctic Green LLC today to schedule reliable snow removal services.


As the snow melts and refreezes, the dangers of ice are ever-present. Arctic Green LLC. will help ensure safety at your home or commercial property with ice mitigation services. We use a variety of processes, including sanding, granular ice melt applications and applying liquid ice melt, depending on the thickness and amount of ice. Call 907-348-6660 to keep your business open when it snows.