Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance


Commercial Landscaping

Lawn maintenance, mowing, hydroseeding and topsoil in Anchorage, AlaskaArctic Green LLC has become a trusted name with Alaskan contractors and in Alaska communities throughout the state for all aspects of landscaping needs. Our professional staff understands the important elements of Alaska construction requirements. Whether it’s new construction that requires strict adherence to project specifications and plans, ensuring that all landscape requirements are met for Municipal inspection, or an existing business landscape that needs an update to improve road appeal, Arctic Green LLC has the experience and team to ensure the project is done accurately and on schedule.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Plan Review
  • Strict Adherence to Project Specification Requirements
  • Knowledgeable in both State and Municipal Landscape Requirements
  • Large Equipment for Any Job


Residential Landscaping

Residential Landscape service in Anchorage

Alaska residential landscaping is both a science and art, and requires exceptional care in the details of landscape design and installation. Quality  of installation is one of the most important aspects of choosing your landscape company, and choosing inexperienced or unqualified contractors can often lead to poor quality, expensive and unsatisfactory results. We provide design assistance and installation of walkways, decks, retaining walls, patios, and anything else you can dream up! We utilize hardy Alaska trees, shrubs, flowers, ground cover and lawn seed mix. Arctic Green LLC is the best choice to improve the natural beauty of your residence, and for those seeking professional, accurate and courteous care. 

  • Landscape Elements
  • Topsoil/Hydroseeding
  • Outdoor Trees, Shrubs and Flower Installation
  • Design Assistance
  • Knowledgeable Crew
  • Proper and Timely Landscape Installation
  • Competitive Pricing

Here are a few tips on how to grow a lawn in Anchorage, Alaska.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance in Anchorage Alaska

Arctic Green LLC has been servicing lawns for over 25 years. Our crews are knowledgeable, well-trained, and dependable professionals. We understand the custom demands of your property and strive to make sure customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We have the equipment required to service your lawns in a timely and orderly fashion.

We offer all lawn services from spring clean up, weekly mowing, fertilizing, pesticides, herbicide, and hedging.

We Service:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Condo Associations
  • Home Owner Associations

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